A Сash deposit machine that is integrated with the bank and the company’s accounting system

A Сash deposit machine that is integrated with the bank and the company’s accounting system

A Сash deposit machine that is integrated with the bank and the company’s accounting system 900 675 RENOME SMART

RENOME SMART implemented Сash deposit machine for wholesale retail outlets

RENOME SMART has introduced Сash deposit machine for retail. This is a solution for automatical payments acception from the people, couriers, freight forwarders – anyone who makes cash or non-cash payments. The technological module can replace the cashier and the physical cash register, and will also avoid a number of thorny issues: lack of employees, arrangement and maintenance of the place, use of “semi-manual” systems, payment of wages, maternity leave, sick leave, etc.

In 2021, such a device appeared in the wholesale hardware and furniture store in the self-service area.

Сash deposit machine is a Сash deposit machine that integrates with the bank and the company’s accounting system, has an ergonomic design, a user-friendly and fast interface. Consider its facilities:

Scenario: payment for goods and services by the customer
The buyer selects a product, and the store manager creates an invoice. With it, the customer approaches the Smart Sales Register, which pulls up the necessary data automatically. Just to scan the barcode on the invoice or enter its number is enough. Next, the customer selects the payment method, pays for it, and receives the receipt. Notification of a successful transaction is sent to the company’s manager, which is the basis for issuing the product to the client. Funds are instantly credited to the company’s bank account.

Scenario: depositing revenue
Delivery workers can deposit funds at the end of the shift.

Scenario: Сash deposit machine
It is possible to use the device as an internal safe of the retail network. Therefore, the software is integrated only with the client’s accounting system. In fact, for buyers, the process is similar to the first case, but funds are credited to the company’s bank account only after collection. Information enters the client’s ERP system instantly.

“The physical cash register node must meet the requirements, have video surveillance, security, trained personnel and a number of devices for making customer payments.
We offer a different approach that automates routine processes, saves company resources, reduces staff workload and waiting times for customers, minimizes mistakes, and increases the duration of work.
Сash deposit machine holds up to 30,000 bills, which, according to our rough estimates, is about 3 million hryvnia. The client can collect it according to their own needs. We, in turn, provide them with tools for predicting this process, as well as provide monitoring of the device’s operation and its service.”

Alexander Brezitsky
RENOME SMART development manager

Recall that for the first time such a solution was launched at the end of 2020. Then Сash deposit machine became part of an automated bank branch for car dealerships, as told here.