Annual report of good deeds of RENOME group

Annual report of good deeds of RENOME group

Annual report of good deeds of RENOME group 900 675 RENOME SMART

Every year, RENOME pays great attention to charity projects.

We traditionally started 2022 with the support of the youngest Ukrainians who need it. However, the brutal Russian invasion made its own adjustments.

“For twelve months, we demonstrated humanity by providing shelter and support to the victims, continued to work from underground shelters, with limited electricity, and in between work prepared camouflage nets and trench candles, and continuously made large and small contributions to serve as a reliable rear for those who risk their lives. All that to bring our victory closer together!

In general, the amount of charitable support in 2022 was more than 7 115 000 UAH.
In particular, more than 567 000 UAH of the sum is made up of employee donations.
Our colleagues initiated more than 10 charity projects, and actively donated all year as well as each of the Ukrainians.


In the first days of the war, the company transferred technical devices for the needs of the army: laptops, mobile phones, power banks in the amount of 145 thousand UAH.

RENOME SMART provided financial assistance in the amount of 1.1 million UAH to help the territorial defense battalion of Obolon’ in Kyiv. We purchased cartridges, ammunition, and plates for bulletproof vests.

1 030 000 UAH were transferred to the fund for support of Ukrainian soldiers and their families “Druh”, for which 378 bulletproof vests of the 3rd and 4th classes and 1,100 bulletproof vests of the 4th class, 1,250 metal plates for sewing bulletproof vests, 800 pairs of knee pads and mittens were purchased, and humanitarian aid was delivered.

In February RENOME EUROBUD set up 8 roadblocks and 2 strongholds.
8 thousand sandbags, 100 heavy anti-tank hedgehogs, 100 foundation blocks, lanterns, first aid kits, diesel fuel, tools for the state emergency service, etc.

We also helped set up a shelter in the Rivne City Hospital

In March, 145 packs of Euthyrox were transferred to a hospital in Toretsk, Donetsk region, where they provide assistance to our soldiers.

On the occasion of the day of the company, a fair was organized where all the products were made and thought out by employees of RENOME group of companies. It turned out great – we collected 119,353 hryvnia! Then the company doubled the amount, and it turned out even greater – 238,706 hryvnia. The funds were used to purchase a Volkswagen Transporter 4 car for the A4790 military unit (SOF).

A Mavic AOR 2s quadcopter was purchased and handed over to GORV6 for border guards from Ratno

We purchased and handed over a drone for the military of the 60th Brigade, which holds the defense of Bakhmut.

We held a charity event “Pumpkin gatherings” where 15,221 UAH was collected. We bought three microwave ovens, five irons, and six electric kettles for Rivne Regional Military Hospital.

We collected and sent 35 boxes with goodies and greetings for the company’s employees serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

50 sets of thermal underwear and goodies were handed over to mobilized colleagues for Ukraine Defender’s Day on October 14

We helped with the arrangement of a sanitary unit for the needs of the military in one of the dormitories of NUWM in Rivne.

We provided construction materials, carpet, laminate flooring for 2 rooms, toilet and bidet for bathrooms, and paint.

On the occasion of the Programmer’s Day, a charity race “To victory” was held. 51 thousand UAH was raised to purchase an electric generator, chainsaw, axes and shovels for military unit a 4790 (USN) and military unit A4638. As well as 12 sets of winter uniforms for military unit A4790.

We organized a fundraiser and purchased Motorola 4400 radio stations, bought several ready-made communication kits such as “Antenna+4G WiFi router”, and necessary household items for our colleagues in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Charity project for making warm clothes for the military from our colleague Roman Levosiuk. We raised funds and sewed 35 sweatshirts for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The clothes were transferred to the Kherson and Donetsk directions for the 68th separate jaeger brigade named after Oleksa Dovbush.

During the lunch breaks, 7 camouflage nets were woven and handed over to the front.

In the first days of the war, 19 colleagues became donors. They donated blood for the wounded.

More than 2 million 600 thousand UAH of financial assistance was paid to mobilized colleagues (54 employees in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine)


2 dormitories were set up in the premises of RENOME COMFORT, where 45 temporarily displaced persons (14 families) from the East found shelter for 8 months.

The rooms were accommodated to create comfortable conditions for people who left their homes due to the war. During the stay, utilities were paid in the amount of UAH 110,129.
The company’s volunteers helped with the logistics of humanitarian aid


Together with Rivne It Cluster and the charity organization “Heart to the Children of Ukraine”, we held a traditional charity Christmas chime to raise funds for a good cause. 124,000 hryvnia were collected. The funds were used to purchase a cabin with an unloading system and a “Spider” system in the Rivne City Center for comprehensive rehabilitation of persons and children with disabilities with MSDs “Krok”.

In May, we prepared entertainment and treats for displaced children for the Children’s Day.

50 000 UAH were used to purchase a dishwasher and toys for the children’s room of the Ronald McDonald House Charities in the Rivne Regional Children’s Hospital.

On the initiative and thanks to the donations of our colleagues, a holiday was organized for the children of the Tuchyn boarding school with animators, games, a disco and gifts.

We held a charity event “Secret Santa”. Our colleagues prepared New Year’s gifts for 209 pupils of the Tuchyn boarding school, according to the letters they wrote to Santa.


Lilia Belaya and residents of SPECTRUM residential complex helped evacuate 40 abandoned dogs and cats to Munich and Poznan.
They collected funds, helped with food, took them out of evacuation sites, and placed them in families abroad.

All these figures and facts were made possible thanks to colleagues, partners and friends who were close to us all this time. We are infinitely grateful to everyone for this!»

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