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RENOME SMART in close cooperation with G + D is preparing to introduce an improved version of the popular automated deposit machine ES 3003 series .
This is a completely new approach to automating large amounts of cash, because this time we are using a new cash-in device – ProNote® VM

ProNote® VM by G + D is an OEM part designed for receiving and processing cash with an algorithm specifically designed for the deposit machine, which provides high stability and simplifies the maintenance process.

With account of changes, the new cash-in device retains its key benefits:
– acception speed up to 1200 banknotes per minute
– simultaneous work with 20 types of currencies
– validation of banknotes (6 sensors)

Along with technical improvements, the design of ADM is also changing. Now, the device has a more concise and attractive look

Today ADM is undergoing the final stages of testing and we already have our first orders.
All the advantages of the new ADM will soon be appreciated by our partners and clients – banks, retail and collection companies.

Here are the most popular services for the use of ADM, which allow one to accept payment in cash with subsequent online crediting to customer accounts:
replenishment of accounts of individuals / legal entities
  • loan repayment
  • deposit replenishment
  • payment for works / goods / services
  • other types of cash payments

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