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RS Academy

RS Academy 780 500 RENOME SMART

Earlier, the launch of the RS-academy RENOME SMART was announced. Today, we have two new sets of groups that are currently underway. Therefore, we want to tell you more about this opportunity to study in the company.

Who is it for?

For RENOME SMART employees who have motivation for professional / career development in the company;

For RENOME company group employees who want to join the RENOME SMART team;

For students who want to build their career in the company together with RENOME SMART;

For candidates who have already tried their hand at an interview, but who did not have enough knowledge to enter the company.

Details of the educational process:

  • Training is free;
  • Duration of training from 1 to 4 months;
  • We study in our free time – after 18:00;
  • The teacher can be from outside or from among the employees of the company of the appropriate level;
  • Upon completion of training, all students receive certificates;
  • Successful graduates will be offered positions in the company’s department, which was the customer of the training program.

Two training courses have already been developed and are underway: .net + react and QA Basic, for which registration is permanently open. Before starting a new study group, HR will contact you to clarify all the details and technical interview.

Choose your course

The course includes:

  • Methodology / Dev.Basics / Web basics / Web enhanced
  • C # basics
  • DB
  • Frontend
  • React

A detailed description of the curriculum can be obtained from HR when announcing the start of enrollment in the course.

Required experience:
  • Experience of at least 1 year with .NET Framework (C # and ASP.NET);
  • Knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS;
  • Ability to work in a team and learn quickly;
  • Technical English;
  • Developed analytical and communication skills.
Буде перевагою:
  • Початковий рівень знань з розробки і інтеграції вебсервісів;
  • Знання Typescript і одного або декількох workflow engines;
  • Вища освіта в області інформаційних технологій;
  • Навички написання юніт-тестів;
  • Досвід розробки в continuous integration;
  • Досвід розробки Front-end, знання React.

The course includes:

  • Basic concepts of testing
  • The software development process and the place of testing in it
  • Types and kinds of testing. Testing levels
  • Basic QA artifacts. Principles of writing test cases
  • Organization of the testing process and work with requirements
  • Working with a bug tracker and CI
  • Web API Testing – The Basics
  • Working with SOAP UI
  • Web API testing – Postman
  • Automated testing
  • Load testing. Jmeter
  • DBMS and SQL basics.
  • Basics of OC: Windows, CentOS
  • OC Administration (Windows / Linux (CentOS))
  • Introduction to microservice architecture. Docker
  • Virtualization. KVM, HYPER-V, Virtual-Box

Required skills:
  • knowledge of testing processes and technologies;
  • ability to write documentation QA -Test cases, Check lists, Test plans;
  • knowledge of the defect life cycle;
  • understanding where and for what: xml, css, html, http, dns are used;
  • basic knowledge of SQL;
  • basic understanding of WEB and mobile technologies;
  • good knowledge of OC Windows and basic knowledge of OC Linux;
  • basic technical English.
It will be an advantage:
  • knowledge of one of the programming languages ​​at the basic level: C ++, C #, JavaScript;
  • experience with SVN, TeamCity;
  • knowledge of Selenium, Jira, Firebug, TestLink, Xray;
  • experience in using SQL work environments (TOAD, SQL Developer…);
  • well-developed communication skills;
  • attention to detail;
  • impeccable literacy;
  • ability to concentrate knowledge in the form of instructions and / or mini-manuals.