The Forever Friends Appeal

The Forever Friends Appeal

The Forever Friends Appeal 1536 1066 RENOME SMART

Good afternoon Dear Partners!
I’m Valery Siroshtan, Business Development Director of RENOME SMART, Ukraine.

We thank everyone who is not silent and calls for an end to the Russian war against Ukraine — those who speak publicly, go out for rallies in support around the world, make charitable contributions to the army. Silence means tolerating terrorism. Thank you for not being silent!

Currently, the company is working to provide the necessary conditions for our employees and their families. Despite the seriousness and complexity of the situation, we believe in our strengths and hope for the best.
RENOME SMART works and fulfills its obligations, to ensure the continuity of work and storage of all critical data, the company’s IT infrastructure has migrated to the Frankfurt Data Centers, our team of R&D specialists continues to support all existing projects.

We had ambitious plans together with you for 2022, we would like to assure you that today our experts are ready for new projects. Every new project we can implement for you will help our business withstand all the unfortunate circumstances and continue to fight, pay salary to our people and help Ukraine economically. Therefore, you can trust us with new projects. We are ready to work, as always!

We are sure that together we can make business in an independent country and help everybody regenerate after war.