ATM with a cash recycler system

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ATM with a cash recycler system

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Demand for ATMs with a cash recycler system is growing rapidly.

A feature of the money recycling function: banknotes received from customer are transferred from the Cash-In module to the Cash-Out module. Money can be immediately issued to the next client, without their processing in the bank. This will significantly reduce collection costs and optimize operating costs.

A recent analysis by Diebold Nixdorf, one of the global leaders in market, confirms that online and mobile channels are good, but they do not solve cash management issues. This is where an ATM that allows you to deposit cash into your account really fills the gap. Providing the ability to deposit cash through a self-service channel helps helps reduce costs and ultimately improve efficiency.
Cash deposit automation technology provides maximum convenience and efficiency when moving transactions outside the branch.

A modern ATM will allow financial institutions to increase the speed and quality of customer service, reducing dependence on the collection market and the cost of work.