Automate the cash
collection process

We have leveraged our experience into developing a solution that transforms the ordinary cash collection process into a predictable and convenient one.

First of all, retailers can enjoy easy cash deposits, instant results on their bank account, and secure storage until the arrival of the collection company. Moreover, there is full control from the side of the SIT company, from monitoring transactions to planning visits and accounting for requests.

Created for convenience in retail
Optimized for IT companies

ease of use

integration with ERP systems

instant deposit of funds to a bank account

24/7 - availability

Optimize costs for installing and maintaining a cash node

Instant credit of funds to the client’s account

Accepts cash in batches

Frequent collections are a thing of the past

The ES 3003 automated deposit machine is a device designed for instant transfer of cash to a bank account, accounting, and secure storage until the arrival of the collectors. The ES 3003 banknote receiving system can process and verify up to 1200 bills per minute. The safe of the device can hold up to 30,000 banknotes and ensures reliable storage until the arrival of the collectors.

Sort your banknotes up to 40% faster than with manual methods

Loads cash easily from the bag

Tackles routine tasks with renewed vigor

Automatically stacks banknotes

The RV5000 sorting table is designed to process unsorted cash collected from automated deposit machines or during the collection of a retail network. It automates the process of stacking bills, allowing for tracking of crumpled or damaged banknotes. The device processes 10 banknotes in less than a second.

Under control:
devices, transactions, collections

We have developed X4 software that monitors the operation of all connected devices, allowing you to view their status, diagnose problems, send notifications of malfunctions, and remotely control the recovery process. Data is updated every second, and event history is also available. The solution is the company’s own development.

The RSCore software will help you control transactions and payments, monitor the status of devices, manage users, branches, and interfaces, generate reports, and more. The solution integrates easily with both devices and the accounting systems of banks or other financial institutions, making the necessary data available in one environment.

To manage cash flows, forecast the filling level of cassettes, and determine the optimal number of collections, we have provided a cash management solution. CashLAB optimizes S.I.T. work and avoids device downtime. It can work in two formats: on the side of the collection service, which administers the processes independently, or in the RENOME SMART cloud environment (Service as a Service).

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Get up-to-date information about the status of your devices


About 35% of malfunctions are solved remotely


01. We conduct a presentation

At a time convenient for you.

02. We start the pilot

We sign the necessary documents.

03. Deploy the system

For the entire network.